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It is simply amazing to me how the media can just swallow economic development figures without questioning their origins.They also ignore basic economics by ignoring opportunity costs and negative spillover.Why does it take a lawsuit to examine data when it should be the medias job to do so?

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Money talks.You have a local citizens group challenging a Wall Street company and the entire state government economic development establishment.Guess who wins?

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This Judge, who ruled so correctly on all the issues of this case, is well respected in Our Community.

We so appreciate her excellent findings here in our favor and against the JDA and the State.

At a Senate Oversight Committee Hearing, looking into the need for more Oversight of JDA’s, laws and rules that JDA members should adhere to. It was explained how some Rogue lawless JDA’S, use “get arounds” of our Constitution and its Anti- Gratuities Clause.

Judge Trammels ruling, in refusing to validate this bond on all those grounds, was correct by the law and the Constitution. We are so thankful for that!

What befuddles us now, is how did Judge Brenda Trammel, become the “ONE JUDGE” the State and JDA said they needed “to find” to sign off on this Bond, “Validating” ALL the wrongs her ruling spelled out for us, now all that dirty water has been “washed away” with the stroke of her pen. 💔

We are left disappointed once again, by one of those we trusted most and thought we could could count on, to stand strong with us on the truth and for what is right here. But we were wronged, once again.

All so many of us here in this community can do, is continue to fight with the truth and with God on our side. Truly if this Judge can sign off on all that she clearly knows is wrong with this “DONE DEAL” being forced on our RURAL COMMUNITY, this fight is up to us, and to us alone.

I would so appreciate an answer to my question here. It’s the same question I have asked of every politician, every Development Board member, every Co Commissioner, to all who have done this to us, when they know we are in the right!

Please tell me Judge Trammel, why and how they were able to convince you, to sign off on all their wrongdoings and leave our community no recourse, no one we can trust or put our faith in to help us, none except for GOD 🙌🏻

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