Lawmakers endorse $200 million Oregon CHIPS Act to boost semiconductor businesses

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I don't understand why so few people are unable to see something so obvious.

There appear to be a lot of people out there who acting like they are very passionate politically - perhaps they should learn something about the subjects they claim to care so much about.

I mean, when people fed me a line of bullshit for decades but I tended to notice that things weren't working out they way they said they would.

So I stopped listening to those people. Doesn't take a genius.

Reminds me of rabid sports fans - cultishly devoted to a bunch of mercenaries who are only representing your district people this is the best way for them to make money, and would absolutely abandon their supporters the first time that they are an opportunity to make more money.

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Yup, sorry bout it, VA.

Thanks for speaking out against this bs.

NC has definitely been down that ridiculous road:


"Eleven years after Dell ceased production for good in November 2010, it remains a sobering cautionary tale for tempering expectations on major economic- development projects in the Triad.

There were similar local and regional socioeconomic hopes for the $115 million Dell plant that was projected to create between 1,500 and 1,700 jobs within five years of its October 2005 debut.

There were at least two economic studies that forecasted up to 6,500 indirect jobs created to serve the plant and its employees.

Dell was made eligible for up to $267 million in performance-based state incentives — primarily a credit for each desktop that left the 750,000-square-foot plant.

A special legislative session was called by Gov. Mike Easley to approve the state incentive package in December 2004.

Part of the incentive agreement allowed Dell to pay an average annual pay of $28,000 for assembly jobs — enough below the $31,000 average for Forsyth County at that time that legislators had to agree to a wage exception to state incentive policies."

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