Thank you for sharing this information!! I’m currently living in Oregon and I remember this story hitting the local news up here in 2022. I was getting nervous due to I cannot stand Fred Myers aka Kroger, because they are higher than Kroger prices up here compared to when I lived in Texas for 30+ yrs.

Safeway aka Albertsons is the better choice for prices. As we all know buy what’s on sale during that time, save the bottle drop money (in Oregon) adding 20% towards your purchase totals, and digital coupons which Safeway does a much better job of that compared to Freddy’s. “If” this merger comes to pass, this will definitely devastate the demographic territories in rural areas in Oregon as well as Washington. Small towns depend on their residents to shop and work at the “local market”. By shutting 1/3 or more store fronts to complete their operations a huge number of people will be out of work. That is very important as we are still undergoing a minor homelessness crisis, still.

Thank you again Pat for believing in truth seeking!

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The ability of corporations to lie with a straight face never surprises me. Their lying ability is only topped by supreme court nominees (and I will not capitalize sc because they have lost all credibility.....

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