Dear Pat,

Could you send some cites on the weaknesses of IMplan? I am currently trying to fight a huge development in my smallish city and arguing against it on economic grounds, but IMPLAN is taken seriously here. Whom should/could I cite to show we should exercise some skepticism?

Sue Ravenscroft

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price fixing in rentals in Oregon occurs also and probably primarily by making the managers do monthly "comp" reports. i have done these reports while working for property management companies within Oregon, while they used a "club" which essentially gave them all standard legal advice and contracts to fix things in their favor (with accompanying fake "trade shows" annually).

it essentially means filling out lengthy questionnaires on competing properties, having staff members call each other and provide the info that is pretty much the same as what they provide to potential renters. now you can get half or more of the info online, but just because you outlaw one method doesn't mean they aren't or won't go back to using the older one.

it's how they make sure staff on site has busy work to justify their indentured servitude.

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I wish the IMPLAN weakness study linked here wasn't 37 bucks

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