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I just subscribed. I was digging around for newsletters abut the merging of public education and industry- which is a subset of the merging of the public and private and the for-profit and non-profit. There is practically no difference today- they just shape shift about as they please. In my town dark money did a fundraiser to pay architects 2.5 million to design a fifty-million dollar school for our water-challenged peninsula that serves 177 students and is expanding into adult eduction.

We do not know who invested the money but the Industrial Partnerships Act of 2013 repurposed public education as industrial job training. There is no discussion of how they plan to fund this school so why not big tech companies for tax payer funded job training? And who needs to know until its a done deal?

I write a newsletter along similar lines called the Individual vs The Empire, where I am covering the attempt to create this school on our peninsula as developers ignore warnings about our water supply. I have been researching our state economic development statutes for years concentrating on the years since 1976 when the Legislature deemed that centrally managing the economy is an essential government function, to be done in partnership with the private sector- that is the "targeted" private sector receiving benefits courtesy of the untargeted sector.

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